Company Profile & History

Since 1997, ALMASSA owns and manages a real-estate portfolio in Canada worth over 50 million dollars in residential, commercial and land development assets.

Our markets now cover North America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, South America, Australia, and the Far East

The ALMASSA Group of Companies currently employs over 150 employees across the Province of Quebec.

The aggregate sales (since 1997) of the ALMASSA Group of Companies have now surpassed the $1 Billion dollar mark.

ALMASSA INTERNATIONAL INC. began operating in 1997, exporting Canadian Lumber (Softwood and Hardwood), Paper products (Newsprint and Printing Paper) and other general cargo to North Africa and the Middle East.
  • In 2006, we began exporting MDF from Canada.
  • In 2005, we experienced a 40% growth in Newsprint Sales.
  • In 2004, we acquired another north-shore sawmill located at Baie-Trinité, with cutting rights of 190,000 cubic meters, and renamed it ALMASSA BAIE-TRINITÉ INC.
  • Between the 2 sawmill acquisitions, we were able to create, in a high unemployment area of Québec, over 110 direct employments, and an additional 50 indirect employments; we are able to produce various types of timber and to supply wood chips for paper manufacturers.
  • In 2003, we purchased SCIERIE NORBOIS INC., a north-shore sawmill located at Rivière-Pentecôte, with cutting rights of 158,000 cubic meters and we were instrumental in shipping 230,000 Metric Tons of Canadian Feed Barley to the Middle East, something that had not been done by anyone since 1995.
  • In 2000, we expanded our operations by incorporating LES PRODUITS FORESTIERS F.B.M. INC., to handle our North American sales of Canadian Softwood. In 2004, FBM began importing premium Scandinavian Lumber into the North-American market.
  • In December 2009, the corporation BAIE-TRINITÉ inc. was sold.


Almassa's Management and staff are dedicated to servicing fast in an efficient manner, and committed. We strive to be responsive, knowledgeable of the industry and to have a good understanding of our clients and their business.

Our final goal is to treat customers on a partnership basis.

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Photo from left to right:
Ron Campbell - Director of operations, Souheil Faris - Vice-President, Pierre Salim - Vice-President Finance, Faris Faris - Président, Christian Martin - Consultant international trading , Felix Wong - senior account manager of Royal Bank of Canada, visiting Almassa Management Team, Mohammad Faris - Direction Adviser.

Type of Services Provided

  • Market information.
  • Fast sourcing of high quality products.
  • Application of incoterms related to best prices.
  • Confirmation of adequate terms of payments associated with structured trade financing.
  • Proforma invoicing supported with expertise in trading through letter of credit, stand-by or general export credit insurance.
  • Providing transferable cargo insurance.
  • Fast shipments and its follow-up, and/or
  • Finding, adequate warehousing under good security conditions.

About Almassa's capacity

The cultural diversity of the ALMASSA Group of companies is reflected not only in its own employees, but clients, suppliers. Through their personal relationships with their employees, their suppliers and their customers, management have created a successful business which has a permanent growth securing all parties involved including negotiating and financing banks.

Almassa is one of the biggest Canadian exporters of forest products, also exporting large quantity of commodities worldwide demanded in the agri-food field.

Almassa's background, export expertise and markets knowledge together with its capacity of delivering fast shipments are valuable assets for its customers when they are looking for efficient and rapid services. These advantages allow the Almassa team to find rapidly for the best products from the North American market or on a worldwide scale.
The added value provided by Almassa is not only constituted by fast servicing but also in finding specific quick solutions to customers concerns. Almassa is known as a reputable exporter, financially strong to support large orders and delivering on time loads. The company is now one of the top Canadian exporters in the forest products and the agri-food commodities field.


  • Commercial Export, 1999, Le nouveau Monde des Affaires Awarded to ALMASSA INTERNATIONAL
  • Export and Intercultural development, 2000, Quebec Liberal Party Awarded to our president, Mr. Faris Faris
  • Arts and Trade Medal, 2001, Symposium of Quebec Communities Awarded to our president, Mr. Faris Faris
  • Excellence award, 2006, First Interactive Export Forum Awarded to ALMASSA INTERNATIONAL
  • To mark the 10th anniversary of the "Carrefour des communautés du Québec" - Montreal, 2011, the Honourable Jason Kenney paid tribute to Mr Faris Faris, President of Almsassa International Inc. in recognition of his valuable cooperation and contribution towards cultural communities
  • To mark the 10th anniversary of the "Carrefour des communautés du Québec" - Montreal, 2011, the Honourable Jason Kenney paid tribute to Mr Souheil Faris, Vice-President of Almsassa International Inc. in recognition of his valuable cooperation and contribution towards cultural communities